Kou Tea Review

WARNING: Do NOT continue reading this brutally truth and uncensored review about obesity if you cannot decide the best for you. Read our shocking report below!

From past many months, I have been feeling very depressed and low. Being the mother of two and a professional teacher, I have a lot of responsibilities.

However, the one thing that continuously bugging me off was my weight that is rapidly increasing.

Though, I have not been one of those skinny college girls even in my teenage, but had a good body with perfect curves.

After my first delivery, I gained a lot of weight which I decided to shed off with dieting and exercises.

However, all my efforts got wasted as within just 9 months of delivering my first baby, I got pregnant again.

Things were pretty hard for me with two kids and amid busy life and loads of responsibilities; my body was somehow overloaded with heaps of fats and bulges.

My favorite clothes are no more a part of my current wardrobe and I really feel ashamed when I saw ladies of my age who are active and smart possessing great figure.

Though, I tried to follow many fad diets to lose unwanted pounds, but nothing actually works for me. I was losing my self-confidence and started hating every bit of my flabby body.

It was one fine day when I took my children to a nearby park and there I met my college mate who has also came for a walk with her kids.

To my surprise, she was quite slim and smart even after two kids.

I decided not to stay long in the park, as I was feeling much inferior due to my obesity.

However, she asked me to join at her place for a cup of coffee and insisted to come with her.

During conversation with a cup of coffee, she shared with me the amazing Kou Tea that she was using from 2 years for a perfect body.

She suggested me to use this to lose weight in a natural way. Since that day, Kou Tea has certainly changed my whole life and I am much healthier and smarter than ever before.

If you want to know all about Kou Tea, do check out my unbiased review about this product.

Kou Tea: An Overview

Kou Tea is an amazing weight loss product that works naturally to help you shedding those extra pounds.

Lose Weight With Kou Tea - ORDER NOW
Lose Weight With Kou Tea – ORDER NOW

It is an extremely effective blend of four various weight loss herbal teas that are not only helpful in losing weight, but will also bring many other health benefits to you.

Kou Tea is one of the best weight loss herbal teas available in the market that claims to make you lose up to 5 lbs a week.

It is certainly a great choice for obese people, who don’t want to risk their health by taking pills and supplements.

With its natural and herbal ingredients, Kou Tea is an ideal choice for people who are in real need for the best weight reduction solution.

The strength of Kou Tea lies in the natural herbs that have shown amazing results for many overweight individuals. The outcomes of Kou Tea are quite tempting.

All you have to do is to drink a couple of simple cups of yummy tea and enjoy your fat melting process. Kou Tea claims to improve you metabolic functions and energy while reducing the cravings in your body, which eventually help you in losing weight.

With its wonderful ingredients and fat burning qualities, Kou tea will surely give you the best weight loss results that you have always desired for.

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What’s Inside It?

Following are the main ingredients present in Kou Tea:

Green Tea: Natural green tea leaves have been known as a powerful anti-obesity ingredient since centuries. Green Tea is naturally enriched with different antioxidants that can assist in giving you a younger skin and healthier body. Anti-oxidants present in Green Tea will help in clearing off free radicals from your body that can be threatening for you by triggering cancer cells.

Oolong Tea: It is extremely beneficial for your overall health and wellness and also help in decreasing many chronic health disorders and illnesses. This natural herb is enriched with nourishment and also assists in controlling weight by improving the overall metabolic rate of your body, especially increasing the fatty tissue metabolism. Oolong herbal tea also helps in treating anxiety and stress.

Pu-erh Tea: This natural tea will help in controlling bad cholesterol levels of your body by the extraction of free of cost radicals. It also ensures to prevent your body from any side effects and aids in overall health and wellness of your body.

White Tea: It is one of the most tasty and savory sorts of teas, which has add a beautiful touch to Kou Tea.

It works as an anti-aging agent and will help you in looking young. It helps in eliminating poisons and toxins from your cells and blood stream, thus making your blood pure and free from toxins. The use of Green Tea will improve your metabolic functions and will help you in losing weight.

How Effective is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea has been turned out really effective and helpful for many people struggling through their weight loss journey.

The users have reported successful weight loss results with the regular usage of Kou Tea. Moreover, Kou Tea is backed up with a known name of RDK, which has a strong reputation in the weight loss industry.

All the products of RDK are manufactured in FDA approved facility and their products are pretty trustworthy and reputed.

Though, Kou Tea is an effective weight loss solution, but it should not be assumed as a quick fix diet solution.

You shouldn’t expect unrealistic overnight weight loss results with Kou Tea, as the effects are gradual.

Also, Kou Tea works best for overweight individuals when accompanied by a healthy diet and exercising routine.

Though, there are many health benefits of Kou Tea, but it may not deliver tremendous weight loss results alone.

Many celebrities have tried other pills like phentermine but they got side effects.

It has been found that the users of Kou Tea have started noticing results within just few weeks and have noticed the weight loss of 5 pounds a week.

However, you can best judge the results after using Kou Tea for a couple of months.

The regular consumption of Kou Tea will speed up your metabolism so that you consume less fat, which in turn leads to weight loss. You can simply multiply the benefits of Kou Tea with low-calorie diet and workout routine.

Kou Tea should be used just like normal tea. For best results, you should take 2 cups of Kou Tea per day at any time of the day.

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Comparison with Competitors

While there are many herbal slimming teas available in the market, Kou Tea is far superior and safe for losing weight than its competitors for many reasons. Most of the herbal teas will produce undesirable side effects on your health, especially if consumed excessively.

There are many side effects of steroids in females that’s why doctors are recommending natural teas for weight loss.

Drinking any other weight loss tea can cause many health risks, such as Osteofluorosis, Aluminum poisoning, Oxalates over-dosage, Caffeine side effects, and Prostate cancer etc.

Unlike other weight loss herbal teas, the issues regarding health risks have been completely addressed in the manufacturing of Kou Tea.

It is especially designed to give you a 100% side-effects free formula that can help you in losing weight. Kou Tea is very much superior that its ingredients because:

    • It has much more impressive ingredients

  • It has no known side effects
  • It offers Money Back Guarantee
  • It is produced by RDK Global, one of the leading diet pill makers.

Potential Side Effects

As mentioned above, Kou Tea is made up of all natural ingredients that are free from any side effects.

Kou Tea is a healthy weight loss tea that is composed of several traditional teas without any harmful chemicals.

Since it is completely natural, the only side effects that can be noticed are those that come from any tea or beverage with caffeine.

Common side effects could be difficulty in sleeping if Kou Tea is taken in the evening. In rare cases of over consumption of caffeine, people can also encounter some heart problems.



Following are the pros of Kou Tea:

It is a perfect herbal slimming tea for you.

It is manufactured by RDK Global.

Being all-natural, Kou Tea is absolutely safe to use with no side effects.

You can get discounted deals and packages on the official website

It is extremely easy to use without any complicated instructions to follow

All the ingredients in Kou Tea are completely natural and of highest quality grades.

It is a combination of highly effective and technically confirmed Chinese herbal teas for weight loss


Following are some cons of Kou Tea:

The weight loss claims are overemphasized

Weight loss results may vary from person to person

It seems too costly for some people, as 1 month supply is heavily priced at $34.95.

Not available in stores, can only be purchased online from their official website.

Who Makes This Stuff?

Kou Tea is made by RDK Global, which is a renowned company having experience in the Neutricitical and Dietary Supplement industry for more than 7 years.

RDK Global manufactures and distributes Kou Tea backed up by scientific researches and results.

All their products are manufactured in FDA approved lab to make sure that the weight loss product is of the highest quality possible.

The overall company and product reputation is fantastic that can be easily seen online through different reviews.

RDK Global is based in Dallas, Texas. Following is the detailed contact information of the company.

How Much Does Kou Tea Cost?

The best place to buy Kou Tea is from their official website which will certainly allow you to enjoy the best customer help and the most effective rates and packages that are worth buying.

If you buy Kou Tea from any other source, chances are there that you might not get  the original product.

You wouldn’t find Kou Tea an expensive product, if you have already wasted a good amount of money on various weight loss supplements and pills that may have claim to help you in losing weight.

Kou Tea is available on the official site with best price and different packages so that you can buy one that best suits your budget.

For best weight loss results, you should buy the best saving pack that will save you money as well. Following are the three packages offered by Kou Tea website:

Package 1: It would be a good choice as a trial pack. You can buy 1 box of Kou Tea for $34.95, which will be enough for a month supply, as it comes with 60 Tea Bags.

Package 2: You can save some money by ordering two boxes of Kou Tea at the price of $69.27.

Package 3: This is by far the best value package available on their website, as by ordering 3 boxes of Kou Tea for $104.85, you will get the fourth box absolutely FREE. By this deal, you will save up to $94.95.

Final Thoughts

Kou Tea is an excellent weight loss product, especially if you want to lose weight naturally and safely. It is also an ideal weight loss option for people who are not comfortable with ingesting slimming pills and capsules.

Using Kou Tea is very easy and you can drink it any time you want. With proper diet and exercise routine, you can achieve remarkable weight loss results with Kou Tea within a short period of time.

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